Uncle Weepy's Depression Dungeon

Paul Armstrong and Jeremy Fuksa are here to host the least helpful self-help podcast on the Internet.

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Turned All the Way up to Turtle

It wouldn't be summer vacation on the internet without someone publishing a podcast episode about Disney World.

Shooting a Rabbit

After a tornado break, Paul and Jeremy discuss fear of change, storms, the devil, nuclear war, everyone being mad at you, and having cologne wear off too soon. 

Muggins' Moffets and Merkins

We know a couple of podcast hosts who didn't take their medicine.

Paul and Jeremy dart and dash through a maze of rabbit holes before discussing why people with mental and physical issues are always so tired.

Friendship is an API Call

After worrying about the ramifications of deepfake Obama, Paul and Jeremy examine their problems with small talk and the collective educational pain of the human race.

Headphones in the Toilet

Paul and Jeremy discuss the beauty of Bluetooth and what happens when companies downsize.

C'mon Baby, Light My Sack

Paul and Jeremy hike through a forest of snack nuts, breakfast pizza, and leaky headphones to arrive at a discussion about the worth and enduring quality of design compared to other creative endeavors.

He's Like a Sexy Gandhi

Is there any sort of business model that respects our time and attention?

Your New Name is Pancake Mike

The Cambridge Analytica débâcle is hot on many of our minds. Paul and Jeremy discuss leaks of personal data and how it's kind of pointless to #DeleteFacebook at this point. Plus, examination of how insanely fast our brains make gut-level aesthetic decisions. Apparently you know whether you like this show within 50ms.

There's an Itch in My Body Memory

Spring is in the air, or at least the instinctual seeds of Spring, depending on where you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

Are you itching to make new things? Are you energized in a way that you aren't usually? Paul and Jeremy discuss seasonal spurts of creativity/ambition.

Competency, Not Control

If we're going to talk about depression and anxiety, we can't help but get around to the subject of guns. We *don't* discuss gun control. We discuss owner competency and responsible gun *management*. Moreover, we discuss mental health as it relates to gun availability.

Also, guys, this show might say "depression" on the tin. But it's gonna be bad for our own mental health if that's *all* we ever talk about. We hope you understand.

I Peaked in 2014, But I Left My Mindset in 2010

Paul and Jeremy take a deeper look at how to get back to pursuing one's dreams after taking a life detour. Pride, arrogance, and the meaninglessness of life await. Plus, references to old things! 

When Your Could Is Greater Than Your Should

Paul and Jeremy discuss corporate and designer ethics, seasonal affective disorder, and IBM's involvement with the Nazis. It's a meaty sandwich of word thoughts.

Pure Gatorade Weight

Jeremy and Paul discuss anxieties related to running a freelance business.